At OOLOOP we believe that supporting non profits is essential to the health of people, planet and beneficial businesses. We are members of 1% For The Planet, but this year we will donate at least 2%. We apply our 4 Pillars of Sustainability approach to our charitable giving, to educate people and support the needs of eco systems and cultures in the most dynamic and effective way possible.



CONSERVATION- Protect our healthy ecosystems

National Park Service

World Wild Life Fund

Various Local Conservation Initiatives

POLICY & CONSUMER PROTECTION- Create legislation that protects people and planet from toxins and greenhouse gas emissions.

National Resources Defense Council

Environmental Working Group

ACTIVISM & COMMUNITY BUILDING - Collectively join forces in protest, petition and support, to help the planet and underserved communities.

Rainforest Action Network

Trees Water People

CREATIVITY & INGENUITY - The arts inspire, renew, provoke, beautify and push consciousness and invention to new levels.

Various Museums, Cultural Institutions and small Arts Non Profits